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Performance . Flexibility . Innovation

Always at the cutting edge of new technologies, Nivek Automation Inc. is proud to be a certified MJ systems integrator.

The solution offered by MJ surpasses with its innovation, the existing solutions on the market.

With specialized products in the production of animal food, with MJ concrete products and also with advanced physical technologies, we can offer our customers solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

FeedMatik Integrated Solution

  • Turn-Key System
  • Process control, simulation and optimization
  • High Performance Operator Interface
  • Real Time Inventory Management
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Control, visualization and supervisory

Process automation

  • Receiving
  • Transfers (routing)
  • Grinder / roller mill
  • Batching
  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Pellet mill &PPLA / extruder
  • Loadout

Business Intelligence Software

  • Operations and inventory real time management software
  • Real Time Inventory Management
  • Faster Demand Planning Cycle
  • Faster Business Process
  • Production, Cost and Development Planning
  • Orders, Invoicing, Purchases Orders and Retributions
  • Guarantee Analysis

Real-Time Plant Control System

Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)
Control, visualization and supervisory software for real time production management with planning and scheduling integrated modules.

  • Real Time Plant Control
  • High Performance HMI
  • Alarm Management
  • Automatic Operations
  • Full Traceability (products and operations)
  • Multi-Lot Stock Management
  • Product Composition and Contamination Management

WISH Studio

Process Design, Simulation and Optimization
Own Your System!

The Wish Studio allows you to diagnose and modify your system:

  • Visual Diagnostics
  • System Modification
  • Equipment Addition / Removal
  • Control Strategy Programming
  • Operator Interface Designer

An Exclusive MJ Technology

“Wish Studio is a great innovation in PC based control systems. This tool, available with the FeedMatik solution, allows the user to diagnose and modify the system without intervention from software provider.

The user is able to make changes to the system such as adding or removing equipment, programming of the control strategy, graphically design the operator interface and perform visual diagnostics.”

New generation software, based on Wish.NET platform, FeedMatik combines Technology, Performance, Flexibility and Innovation.

“Wish.NET will help increase production while reducing the costs associated with feed manufacturing. The new manufacturing execution software FeedMatik with ERP and CRM integrated modules.”

New design and concept by expert Albert Müller, ing

This new way to manage and control the production will ensure a more competitive position in the international market for food processing plants.

As an industry expert for over 10 years, Mr. Müller has seen the shortcomings faced by producers and decided to design a new software.
This system offers centralized information necessary for the production and control equipment in one system, based on improved technology and ensuring the continued growth and long-term improvement.

Return on investment guaranteed

This new way to control and manage the production, in addition to providing better performance, reduce production errors and provides consistent product quality.

The technology used for the traceability of production data provides maximum control and allows the production of customized reports to meet current and future food security standards.

This investment in technology will not only enable return on investment but will also allow a longer life cycle of the product.

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