Print screen Fertilizer software
Integrated solution
Process automation

Simple solution

  • Turnkey solution by seasoned experts.
  • Start up before the start of the season.
  • Validation at each stage of implementation.
  • Custom solution adapted to your needs.

Optimization of the workforce

  • Operator training in 1 week rather than 3 weeks.
  • One less full-time operator.
  • 20h per week of reduced management time.

Reduced operating costs

  • Simplified comprehensive planning that ensures you never run out of raw materials.
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes. Safety of mixed products guaranteed. At least one bad batch avoided per season.
  • Hassle-free solution that saves at least 15% per year.

Efficiency improvement

  • Replaced dozens of button operations by 3 clicks.
  • Allows product traceability.
  • Automated inventory management.
  • Management and history of orders for each client.

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