Our vision

Our vision

The company’s vision is at the forefront of trends in its areas of expertise. The innovation is simple, reinvent to offer productivity-enhancing solutions.



We wanted to have a slogan that represents our vision for the business.


« See beyond Solutions »




  • « See » refers to several important points of Nivek’s offer: Nivek does not just respond to demand reactively. The unique expertise of the leaders means that Nivek allows you to see something other than the obvious. See potential productivity gains; see the problems that may arise; see how we can do things differently. The word “see” refers more to “understand” and “to analyze than to simply look at it as others do.
  • The word « beyond » refers to the fact that Nivek goes further. We don’t limit ourselves to what is obvious or even what is asked. We exceed the expectations of the client. At Nivek, research and analysis are not simple technical processes but rather steps in a global plan for an optimal solution.
  • « Solutions » refers directly to the added value of Nivek. We don’t just offer to do the job well, we offer an end result that will have an impact on all of the client’s operations. The solutions suggested improve profitability, quality control, productivity, avoid errors and ensure greater customer satisfaction. Thanks to Nivek solutions, customers become more reliable, faster, cheaper and innovative suppliers. This is the difference between doing a job and proposing a solution.

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